Welcome to Milona Hristov ATELIER


Milona Hristov ATELIER is a Romanian “tailor-made” fashion brand born in the belief that clothes are more that decorations or utilitarian garments. Clothes are an expression of self and getting dressed every morning or for special occasions is a way of getting ready to tell the world who we are, or who we want to be.


In a fast paced world where continuously changing trends are meant to generate new needs and offer solutions in the form of desirable collections changing every couple of weeks, we believe in a more personal approach to fashion. In the center of our creative efforts we put not the passing international trends, not out love for extravagant or experimental design, but the WOMAN in all of her authenticity, with her unique style and taste and her unique and amazing body. Helping the WOMAN become her greatest version is the Milona Hristov ATELIER creed.


About the designer


Milona Rac-Hristov, the creative head behind the brand, is a Romanian designer with a background in fashion styling and fashion journalism. With and extensive experience in the fashion world, ATELIER came natural as the next step in helping women all over the world express their individuality through beautifully “made-to-fit” garments. We hope to enrich your shopping experience not only with the unique vision of the designer, but also with the eye of a stylist and the experience of a fashion editor.